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 eBook Basics  
In today's world where the average businessperson is encumbered with a notebook, a cell phone, a briefcase and a PDA, carrying books just doesn't seem practical. Reading has slowly been moved down the list of past-times of busy people and remains down with 'activities that you do at home when you have a free day or two'. That is not to say these people don't have spare time but the time they do have, on the plane, in a cab, at lunch, on the bus, is simply not suited to reading. You don't want to have to lug that extra thing with you and possibly forget it or worse, have to carry it with you all day as you just can't find a second to drop it off at your desk.

This is where the eBook found its niche. In the company of an eBook a person can read just about anywhere there is a computer, laptop, PDA or mobile phone nearby and that is without the hassle of an extra 'thing' to lug around or paper wasted if you don't like the book and just let it sit.

There are however, drawbacks to the eBook technology. The one that this guide will focus on is its newness and, like so many technologies that have come before it, the lack of a standard. An excellent example of this is the fact that you may find an eBook with the file extension (the letters succeeding the period after a file name, i.e. word.exe) .pdb and open it with a reader that supports .pdb files, only to find that that it doesn't open. This can become increasingly confounding when you find files that you don't know what reader will open them. To simply name a few, .pdb, .pdf, .prc, .tr, .db, .txt, .doc and .lit and for most of them, one reader won't work for the other ones.


Thankfully, it really isn't that difficult to understand even the more complex concepts if you spend just a few minutes reviewing some of the basics. This guide will hopefully aid you in that process.


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