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 eBook Conclusion and Resources  

Congratulations! By now you should have a fairly thorough understanding of eBooks in general and what is necessary for reading them and even authoring them. If this has whet your appetite for more on the subject of eBooks in general, you would be best served to check out some of the major software vendors, as they usually will have FAQs and news regarding the latest eBooks.

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eBook Resources

You now should have at least one eBook reader and a fair understanding of the formats and file extensions involved. Now the question should be dawning on you "where do I get an eBook?" Unlike the rest of this guide, this answer is extremely simple - "just about anywhere".

At the moment you have a variety of novels, poetry, plays, short stories, self-help and even web-exclusives (meaning that they are from a famous author but will not be released through retail channels) to choose from. Many of the older works are free while others can be purchased at a greatly discounted (when compared to retail) price.

The purpose of this guide is not to delve into every site that distributes eBooks but rather to examine some of the larger sites. If you are a site owner who distributes eBooks, please contact us to have your name added to this list. - A great mix of non-fiction reference, technology books and fiction novels. Titles in both Palm OS and Pocket PC format, as well as desktop via Microsoft Reader for Windows Desktops.

Memoware - probably the most renown site for free eBooks, Memoware contains many classical works that were converted from Project Gutenberg texts, independent authors, computer manuals and information that was culled together from a multitude of sources.

Project Gutenberg - Project Gutenberg was the original eBook repository. It contains the most extensive collection of eBooks that have had their copyrights expire and were not renewed. It is also a great place to do research regarding government documents since many people, wanting to further freedom of information, have scanned freely available documents and reports from the government. Memoware contains books of every format for every device - however, because every book is independently donated to Memoware, a book may only be available in one particular format.

Fictionwise - a site that operates primarily on commercial eBooks. Users can create an account, purchase books and have the books available in their 'library' (which are available to download at any time) and can read them on their computer or their mobile device.

Barnes & Noble - while they are shutting down their eBook section it would seem prudent, given their popularity on the eBook scene, to mention their online store. It offers the most comprehensive commercial eBook market offering many well-made and beautifully formatted eBooks by world-renown authors.

Blackmask Online - Another one of the free eBook titans, Blackmask offers a very extensive library of free eBooks for every platform. Like Memoware however, all books are not available in all formats.

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