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 Adding and Removing eBooks  
Adding and removing eBooks is a very simple process regardless of the device you use. You should simply have to transfer the eBook to the device, the reader will automatically recognize the book on your device and make it available to be read.


On a Palm OS powered device, to add an eBook all you need to do is click on the file on your computer and it will be added to the install queue (see Figure 7.1)

Figure 7.1


To remove it from the queue, you can click on Remove, right click and hits Remove or hit the Delete key.

On a Pocket PC or Windows CE device, all you need do is move the file from the folder it is currently in to the Pocket PC My Documents or the equivalent. The Pocket PC My Documents folder will look like this (See figure 7.2):

Figure 7.2


To remove an eBook from your device you may choose one of two methods. The first is that you may simply delete the file from your device like you would any other file.

  • On a Palm this is accomplished by opening the Delete menu (from the drop-down menu or /D on the graffiti pad), locating the file and hitting delete.

  • On a Pocket PC, tap and hold the file from File Explorer and select Delete.

The second method is accomplished by deleting the eBook from within the reader. For a few select readers (such as Adobe for the Palm) this is the only way to delete the file. The way to delete a book from within the reader varies greatly between readers but it is probably in the form of a drop-down menu or a button.


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